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2 years ago

Purim Gifts

The storyline of Purim is one of great interest because it begins this type of beautiful holiday, a holiday by which we give such gifts as food baskets and half shekels basically we celebrate our victory some twenty-five hundred in years past. But, the days before the final events weren't so beautiful. There was horrendous turmoil and our heroes experienced tough decisions.

Purim gift baskets

The action starts off with King Ahasuerus over a particularly frisky night while he developed a strange request of Queen Vashti, his wife. It would appear that in the reading, some translation is debatable. However it appears as if in King Ahasuerus's drunkenness, he may have requested that his wife come to the banquet in just her crown.


The entire kingdom had been invited towards the banquet so the queen would have understandably been humiliated by such a request. The queen vehemently refused. Angered, King Ahasuerus banished the queen from the palace.


Thus enters Esther and a series of events that might affect the lives with the Jewish community forever. The king held a beauty pageant and Esther was chosen since the winner. She hid her true identity in the king and she became his second queen.


Esther's uncle Mordecai been aware of a vicious intend to overthrow the king. Ironically, the villains were a few of the king's most trustworthy subjects, his ministers. Mordecai got word with this to Esther who faithfully shared with her husband, the king. The sinister ministers, Bigthan and Teresh were hanged and the other horrendous turn of events happened.


Haman was chosen by the king as his new senior minister. He was so power hungry he demanded every one of the subjects of the king to bow right down to him. Mordecai refused, citing it's up against the Jewish faith to bow down to any person. Haman saw this as a problem and reported it towards the king. With the king's blessings, Haman was presented with full capacity to eliminate the kingdom of the Jewish population.


Haman cast "Purim" or lots to discover the day he would execute his annihilation with the Jewish community. Esther once more needed to intercede. But, it was another task. The king didn't like when we applied for his presence without getting summoned. So, Esther fasted for three days then risked entering into the king's presence to inform him of Haman's plans.


Rather than Mordecai being hung in the gallows that were prepared for him, Haman was hung there. Thus, the Jewish people were saved and Mordecai proclaimed it any occasion not merely for individuals who lived then but for our children and grandchildren. That's why Purim is widely known each year.


There are numerous traditions associated with Purim. Besides drinking unless you can't differentiate between "cursed be Haman" and "blessed be Mordecai" there are traditions of giving. One meal prepared and put into a basket can be a mandate of Purim called Shalach Manot. The baskets can be hand delivered or delivered via a 3rd party. Many of us like to send food baskets via a designated company that performs the baskets for all of us.

Purim gift baskets

Purim can be a fun time of year. It is some of those occasions when we have to allow others realize that we love them about them. That despite the fact that it's really a bleak season, we could have fun and present to those who're less fortunate than ourselves. As well as in light of the fact, make sure you not just give friends, but to other people in the community who're new or who will benefit greatly from the surprise.

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